When people come to me to work on their “Personal Brand” and sharpen their professional image, the two main questions are

  1. How can I set limits to others in order to follow my own priorities?
  2. How can I find my “purpose” and make a real difference?

Both questions derive from the same wish: to be seen and valued for our individual personalities.

The answer, however, seems to be going into opposite directions: while in the first case the answer seems to be “Learn to say NO more often”  to be able to focus on ones own priorities, in the second case the answer is quite obviously “Dare to say YES more often” in order to overcome the limits we currently deal with and that hold us back from finding our “purpose”.

And this is where we go wrong.

Because the answer in both cases is “Say YES always!”

That “YES” is not a superficial “YES” to requests and tasks. That “YES” is first and foremost a “YES” to ourselves. “YES” is the magical word to open our minds to possibilities AND to tap into our physical resources in order to bring into reality what our minds imagine. Thinking (!) and saying “No” on the other side means to set limits not only to others but first of all to ourselves.

You might say that this reasoning is understandable with regards to the second question but not to the first. Because if we say YES to the requests of others too often the result will be burn-out in the worst case and in any case we will never be able to “brand” ourselves as an individual and a professional in a specific way. That is the common belief and it is true if we say “YES” to others but at the same time “NO” to ourselves.

The secret is saying YES TO YOURSELF FIRST.

If you do that consistently you will find that

  1. it will become natural to you to set priorities and to “grow into your own purpose” step by step 
  2. you expand your mental and physical limits to tap into your truly human potential (which science tells us clearly that nobody has ever reached)


Saying “YES!” again is also the first step out of a motivational crisis.

It works ALWAYS. Why? See above: the “YES!” – mindset is an “I can” – mindset. It tears down your mental and in consequence also your physical limits. It opens your path to opportunities that you have not seen before, taking those opportunities will lead you to new experiences, new experiences will help you grow as a PERSONALITY, growing as a personality will sharpen your sense for your own PURPOSE and sharpening the sense for your own purpose will increase your personal and in consequence professional POWER.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”  (Steve Jobs)

Start saying YES! in order to create a chain of dots which will ultimately create your life.

So try this: Say YES! consistently for one week and see what happens. Pay attention to saying YES” to yourself first and share your observations:

What is your experience with saying “YES!”?

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