Once, the founder of an international company had a remarkable marketing idea and he put it in place in one of the country organizations without notifying the local General Management. 
In no time the company hit the headlines of all media channels.
The employees got up in arms against their local management as the idea was radical and was discussed controversially in public. Also, they were asked by family, friends and clients about their own opinion and position regarding the topic which made them feel uncomfortable. They would have preferred to stay unnoticed, do their jobs and have no bearing on the whole issue.
When they finally got notice that the founder himself had come up with that idea they changed their mind immediately and praised him openly for his innovative spirit and his courage. 

I have been told that story by the founder himself and these days – All Saints and All Souls – it leads me to cogitate more than ever about whether my own actions are determined by some powerful individuals, by fashion or by majority. Whether my walk is truly upright or already bent by kissing up and kicking down. Whether I am just a leaf in the wind or the tree that carries it.

What about you?

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