Most of my coachees and seminar participants are interested in becoming more visible. They love the idea of entering a room and everyone turns around in silent awe. Usually they think it needs self-perfection (being attractive!), grandiose appearance or simply better self-confidence.

But it just takes one thing: the will.

Why? Very simple.

Before you are able to create a “will” you need to be self-conscious.

–>  Self-Consciousness creates high body-awareness.

–>  High body-awareness creates a better demeanour and centers the energy in yourself.

–> Concentrated energy shows via a more energetic appearance and is much stronger then dispersed energy.

–> That is why people will turn and look at you.

Maybe you know this one:

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The Magic Of Right Expectations

What really adds MAGIC to the will, is having “right expectations”. The simple rule of life is: you always get what you expect. Why? because you automatically behave according to your expectations to prove them true.

It sounds simple but it is much less simple than just to be “willing” something. Expectations are formed by your beliefs and by our experiences which are again results of our beliefs. So at the core of our expecations stand our beliefs. We are sometimes aware of them but most of them are subconscious. They are formed by early childhood-experiences and have been proven thousands of times, which is why they are really hard to change.

That is one reason why I love the book by Hanya Yanagihara, “A Little Life” – it is an example for how strongly beliefs are rooted in our psyche and how much they determine our lives. Moreover it shows us in a sometimes devastating way how important the “work” of parents and educators really is.

So if you don’t get the results in enhancing your visibility by willing it – you might like to check the beliefs that determine your life. There is a good exercise I’m proposing with my “Personal Brand Journey” Course you might want to try.

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