Know yourself, know your purpose, know how to connect

These competences are a precondition to true connection with others. The Success Club puts its focus on them:

The Success Club is my offer for individuals who want to connect more, engage more, learn more for themselves.

Under the roof of The Success Club I am offering special online courses and additional material that will support members in evolving in the below mentioned areas.

I see myself as a true Sparring Partner, staying available and present to give qualitative feedback, individualized support and to engage in a two-way-communication and discussion that furthers the evolution of both parties.

Step by step, the group will grow and also members will connect to each other, expanding therefore their group of Sparring Partners.

The membership is free but due to the personalized content a matter of request.

Behavioral Competence

Know your own behavior and the reasons behind it in order to know and understand others better, enabling yourself to better communicate and connect.

Personal Branding

Know and develop the talents and characteristics that really make a difference for your clients, your peer groups and the company you work for.

Individual Charisma

Each one of us has got "The Gift of Grace". To develop it from inside out - that's the purpose of this section.

Sparring Partners

Create relationships that work, with people that challenge you to see and act differently. Engage in reciprocal learning and inspiration.

Interested? Send your request!

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