As a Trainier and Coach I keep meeting people who are looking for something more than the regular definition of “Success”.

Yes, they look for mastery in what they are doing, but they also look for inner peace. Peace as a result of confidence in their own being. Peace as a result of true inner strength. Peace as a result of their deep connectedness with their world and with other people.

The idea of The Success Club goes far beyond networking without commitment. It goes far beyond simple know-how-transfer. It goes far beyond elite-thinking.

The idea of The Success Club is to create a circle of people who want to connect with one another, learn from one another, challenge one another, appreciate one another.

Know yourself, know your purpose, know how to connect

These competences are a precondition to true connection with others. The Success Club puts its focus on them:

The goal of The Success Club is to make a relevant contribution to individual success.This is why I am asking YOU: which of these competences is the one YOU would want to put your focus on – nowPlease give me your vote by choosing your favorite topic here below.

NOTE! By clicking on one of the below standing options you will NOT be subscribed to anything and you will NOT become a member of The Success Club! 

  1. BEHAVIORAL COMPETENCE: Know how to read others, how to behave and communicate on all levels in order to reach understanding and become a better leader. If this is most important for you now, please click here.
  2. PERSONAL BRANDING: Develop your Personal Brand so others know for what expertise and talent they should connect with you. Define your imprint as a leader. If this is most important for you now, please click here.
  3. INDIVIDUAL CHARISMA: Very often the “Gift of Grace” is limited to communication and although it is essential in order to develop followership, it is not core. If developing your charisma is your focus now, click here.
  4. SPARRING PARTNERS: Create relationships that work, with people that challenge you to see and act differently. Engage in reciprocal learning and inspiration. If this is most important for you now, click here.


After having made your choice you will be able to subscribe to the Up-Date-Newsletter that will provide you with all the necessary information about The Success Club. Only when doors open on 3 October 2016 you will be able to become a member, if you wish so. If you decide not to join, also the Up-Dates will terminate automatically.

Thank you for supporting the creation of something that counts! Keep the good work up!

Yours faithfully,

Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey





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