Wonder Woman

This one I have found in Stockholm some weeks ago and I need to share it with you. I simply had to take these pictures from a little book about the story of “Wonder Woman” as the very first lines immediately captured my attention.

It is so true: whatever we expect to see as a reaction from others to ourselves – we will get! That is so simple and so true, always.

And the most astonishing fact is (could be) that “Wonder Woman” is not the invention of a woman – but of a man. So maybe all the power women in power positions out there in the world are there because they have never seen a glass ceiling and they have always expected to be the right people for the positions they hold and thus to be treated as such.

By the way: the typical “WonderWoman Posture” is – as proven by scientific reasearch – a posture that lifts you definitely up! So when it comes to Body Language this posture is not only a signal to the world but also to yourself: I AM IN POWER!

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