We are born as unique personalities and we are educated to fit the world.

The entire human evolution seemed to proceed according to this rule – until not long ago. But now we have seen the Arab Spring, we have witnessed the Occupy Wallstreet – Movement, we are spectators of incredible struggles for freedom in cultures which have never argued against their opression, we see people march against Capitalism and Climate Change, we see men and women struggle for their respective roles in this world.

And the underlying feeling of all these events is a very personal one:

The rules of yesterday do not comply anymore with how I feel about me and the world today. (and I don’t know the new rules yet and I actually think I want to play according to my own rules only)

Through the interconnection of our world this feeling has grown rapidly – it is not anymore the feeling of individuals and specific groups but it is affecting all societies. There seems to be a collective rage about having been bereaved of ones’ inborn identity and the burning desire to regain it and feel authentic again.

The big question today is, more than ever:


and furthermore

Where do I belong to and where do I want to go?”.

Very often these questions take a lot of energy and are sources of frustration because we do not know where to start searching for an answer. And if we don’t find the answer we are very vulnerable in the face of skilled persuaders (we see this in many young people heading East in order to fight in wars which are not theirs).

The answer lies in sorting out my set of values, in finding out what is mine and what belongs to others. Knowing my true values will help me to evaluate my actions, become aware of the discrepances and then start aligning the ones with the other.

Putting your personality to work for you starts therefore with becoming aware of your true values.

This is not an easy process, but it is a first point to start from. The Value Sort Exercise might be a first step towards this awareness and towards authenticity. Read the article and download the exercise from here: Towards Authenticity – A Value Sort Exercise

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