Most success coaches and personal trainers will tell you: “Of course, you should!” And then a valange of quotes will run down on you like “Life happens outside of your comfort zone” and the like.

My simply answer is a question back to you:

When you live your talents: does it feel like being IN or OUT of your comfort zone? Click To Tweet

In case your answer is “Living my talents means being IN my comfort zone” because it makes you feel great and sometimes it even feels like being in the FLOW – would you then conclude that you should leave your comfort zone? or maybe – just maybe – even look for ways to get even MORE into your comfort zone?

And in case your answer is “Living my talents means being OUT of my comfort zone” – because you can’t make a living by living your talents right now – could you possibly think of ways how you could make better use of your talents so you could actually make a living by living them more and better?

Seems complicated? Think of it!

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