I am happy to announce my participation as a speaker at the Congress “WONDER WOMEN: Female leaders in the focus of the media”, hosted by Sigmund Freud Private University (SFU), Vienna, from June 14 – 15.

My presentation is directly connected to my earlier efforts of initiating a paradigm shift in current leadership thinking by organizing the Leadership Think Tank in 2012/2013. My goal with the talk is to provoke new thinking and hopefully vivid, productive discussion.

From the program:

“Wonder Woman: The Hero in the Lady Suit “

(or “Wonder Woman: what if she was a real woman? “)

Just imagine: Wonder Woman in the midst of battle – flying through the air, strong, courageous, jumping over the enemy’s defense walls, right into gun fire…  and behind her a baggage of children. The youngest is tied to her back…

No? That is not how the story goes? What is wrong with it?

Maybe because that image (without the baggage, of course!) has some striking similarities with the wild woman in many a man’s most sensual dreams? Let’s not forget that Wonder Woman’s’ “Dad” was a psychologist, William Molton Marston. Most probably that is the reason for her to look like a male hero just with the female attributes, like in ancient times the Amazons – half-naked. What we miss of course, is all the rest of the so-called femininity. There is no place for it on any battlefield – be it the original or the modern one. And so, the prototype of the female hero is being perpetuated in the media, following the motto “strong and successful through Power Posing.”

Struck by fascination for that mighty female hero we forget that what makes the definite difference between men and women is a very special “gift of grace”: the power (!) to give life and the unique capacities but also necessities tied to that gift, like the principles of nurturing, of attentive passivity, of unimposing presence, of intuition for what is and what wants to be, of care… All that is missing in that picture of Wonder Woman and in her story. Yes, even the basic principle of femininity, which is living with all its consequences in and with a cycle, is completely eradicated from that story.  It’s simply gone.*

Despite the big words („Age of Women“) we hear all over the place, those qualities and abilities are not welcome in business life. Like that, higher quotas of women in business and in leadership positions have no impact on economy as such. It is still thought of and made by men. Even if they are men in women’s clothes.

My input is an invitation to try and think completely different: how would the way we do business, how would the economy change, if we would allow for those specific female “gifts” to be truly integrated? How would images change? How, for instance, would an image of a successful woman look like? And would new images also further incentivize new developments?

My thesis: the change we would see through the true integration of female abilities is the only real chance for a future in a business world that is more and more coined by Artificial Intelligence. 


Download the program here: Programm_WonderWoman

Participation at the congress is free, join here: “WONDER WOMEN”

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