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Building a Brand and developing Charisma are two sides of the same medal. A Brand will not be successful without Charisma and a charismatic person IS definitely also a "Brand". Both can be defined as THE choice of the moment in order to satisfy the needs of their respective "target group". Think of the Charismatics in history: be it Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Hitler, Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, Margaret Thatcher, Obama,... - they all were not only masters in communication and driven by a specific purpose but they simply seemed to be THE right choice for the needs of the resepctive situation. And successful Brands are not only perfectly communicated and the result of a specific purpose but also perfectly fit the needs of their target group (think of Facebook, Tesla,... and Nokia or BlackBerry some time ago).

In my Success-Coachings and -Trainings my clients and I work a lot towards their Personal Branding and fact is:

Branding needs decisions.
Branding needs exclusion more than inclusion.
Branding is a question of egdes.

However, many of my clients try to avoid that. Unfortunately the ratio speaks 9:1 against women in this field. Maybe that is the reason why we don't know a lot of Female Personal Brands. This catalogue of questions helps you to find more clarity.


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