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Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey

Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey

Why "Charisma"?

My life, my work are dedicated to
1. the quest for personalities who are able touch others through the power of their purpose,
2. the quest for people who dare to stand up for their values and beliefs,
3. the quest for excellence in performance as a result of stubborness about one's goals.

This page and all my programms are dedicated to
the development of Charisma in those who want to transform themselves, their teams and the systems in which they are living.

The "5-Finger-Model of Charismatic Leadership" is protected under the jurisdiction of intellectuall property rights:Registered at

Das 5-Finger-Modell der Charismatischen Führung
was created by Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey
on 2019-04-04.
License: .
Description: Ein Modell, dass das Konzept der Charismatischen Führung auf einfache Weise - nämlich an den 5 Fingern einer Hand - veranschaulicht, nachvollziehbar und auch entwickelbar macht.

The "Stickman-Method" for the preparation of a successful speech or presentation is protected under the jurisdiction of intellectuall property rights: Registered at

Rede-/Präsentations-Aufbau nach der Strichmännchen-Methode
was created by Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey
on 2019-06-06.
License: .
Description: Die Strichmännchen-Methode gewährleistet, dass alle notwendigen Bestandteile für den Aufbau einer erfolgreichen Präsentation oder Rede vorhanden sind.

Some Clients


Audi AG (CN, DE, IT, NO, NL, SG, RU), voestalpine Metal Forming GmbH (FR), Amer Sports Italia, Eurobaustoff - Die Kooperation (DE), Health Service Executive Ireland, Wietersdorfer Gruppe (DE), Executive Coaching Connections (USA), PR360 (IE), Telecom Italia, Menfi Industria Srl (IT), Poloplast (DE), Gujarat Technological University (IN)

Some Clients


Erste Group, Post AG, voestalpine AG, UNIQA Group, Merck GmbH, accenture GmbH, AMS OÖ, Land OÖ (Frauenreferat), Land NÖ, Österreich Werbung, Oberbank AG, CAG Holding, Case IH, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Mentor GmbH, Mayr-Melnhof Karton AG, 3Banken IT, Trodat Trotec Group, WKO, TAG Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH

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Let me start with an extremely important statement: What you will learn here, is exclusively connected to COMMUNICATIVE.

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