Develop Your Charisma - Leave a Legacy

My life, my work are dedicated to
1. the quest for personalities who are able touch others through the power of their purpose,
2. the quest for people who dare to stand up for their values and beliefs,
3. the quest for excellence in performance as a result of stubborness about one's goals.

This page and all my programms are dedicated to
the development of Charisma in those who want to transform themselves, their teams and the systems in which they are living.

“100 Questions for Personal Branding”

09/15/2015 Resources
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Personal Branding is the answer to the question of where you come from and where you have decided.

Strictly Me Power Fashion, Autumn/Winter 15/16 Campaign

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What image do you want to reflect as a woman in leadership or one who prepares for such.

The Personality Advantage

09/01/2015 Resources
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We are born as unique personalities and we are educated to fit the world. The entire human evolution.

Aufrecht zum Erfolg

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“Persönliche Präsenz” ist eine innere Haltung, die sich in einer äußeren Haltung zeigt. Das ist keine neue Erkenntnis,.


08/14/2015 Uncategorized
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“Verlass deine Komfortzone! Erst danach fängt das Leben an!” wird uns von einer steigenden Anzahl von Erfolgsexperten entgegengerufen..

Strategie-Workshop & Foto-Shooting

07/09/2015 Photography, Seminar
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Mit jedem meiner Angebote trete ich den Beweis an, dass sich höchste Professionalität und Lebensgenuss nicht ausschließen. Beides schafft.

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