I feel privileged to work with people around the world who are not only striving for success but who want to bring about positive change and make a difference. Tony O’Brien, former DG of the Irish Health Service and CEO of the Irish Family Planning Association, led an organisation of 145.000 people trough one of the toughtest periods in healthcare.  I met Tony, now board member, teacher and mentor, strategist and researcher, at the Leskovar Fine Art Gallery, Kempinski Vienna, for an exclusive interview. He shares advice for experienced and to-be leaders alike, as well as insights into issues of healthcare, comparing Austria and Ireland.

Question line-up:
1. How has “Leadership” changed over time?
2. What are the most challenging issues for leaders today?
3. What kind of competences do leaders need today?
4. How do you define “Charismatic Leadership”?
5. What are the industries that need strong leadership today and in the future?
6. What could leaders learn from Vienna and Austria?
7. As an expert in Health Care: what’s your opinion on the Austrian system?
8. What’s the most successful factor to continuing a successful career?
9. What’s the most important taks of a leader?
10. How to manage when times get tough?
11. How did YOU get along in difficult times?

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