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Premiere: Anna Fliegt! und Das Fest der Träume

07/27/2021 Filming, Inspiration
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Mit dem Fest der Träume habe ich mir zwei Träume auf einen Schlag erfüllt: meinen Kurzfilm “Anna Fliegt!”.

New Video-Series: The Personality Icon

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On March 21st the new series “The Personality Icon” went finally online with the first episode. For a.

7 + 1 Tips for successful hybrid-formats in personal development training

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Since 2020, the landscape of formats in training and further education has expanded by leaps and bounds. We.

Computerwelt: Mein Interview

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Digitaler Wandel braucht charismatische Führungspersonen Im Gespräch mit der Charisma-Expertin Österreichs, Martina Gleißenebner-Teskey von The Personality Institute, stellt.

Live-Interview with Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman

11/09/2020 Filming
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  The corona crisis gave my goal of expanding my offer to include media creation a big boost..

Personality Video: John Casti – From Science to Fiction

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Two years ago I discovered filming as my new hobby and a possible expansion of my profession as.

New Service: Personality Videos

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Others call this type of video or short film “Image Videos”. But I am not interested to stage.

Book-Launch: “Dreams Into Action: Das Zukunfts-Lesebuch”

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A day worth remembering : June 25, 2020. Launch of a new baby, one with 18 parents. Exactly.

5-Finger Model of Charismatic Leadership

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  Popular Charisma Training usually focusses on one single component of Charisma: charismatic communication. Appearance and Public Speaking.

Additional Location in 2020!

12/22/2019 Uncategorized
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Starting January 7, 2020, you will also find me at : Wollzeile 20/8, 1010 Vienna It has always.