The corona crisis gave my goal of expanding my offer to include media creation a big boost. The production of an interview film with complexity researcher John Casti as part of the “Covid Pop-up Hub of the BMK” on the question of the economic buffers was now the start of a collaboration with Ursula Eysin and the consulting agency Red Swan, who is organizing the BMK Pop-up hub.

The next interview, which I support as a media creator, is the one with Dan Shechtman, on November 12th at 2pm.

How can technological entrepreneurship and perseverance lead us out of the crisis? Israel’s “Father of Technological Entrepreneurship” Dan Shechtman answers this question in an exclusive Zoom live interview. After his research was not recognized for 12 years, he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2011 for his discovery of quasicrystals, a paradigm shift in science. He also launched the first entrepreneurship course at the Technion in Haifa, from which many of Israel’s very big high-tech startups have emerged.

When: November 12, 2020/2 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Topic: Technological Entrepreneurship and Perseverance as Key to Way Out of This Crisis

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