As a leader: find your "True North" WITHIN the company.

The Topic:

Leadership Branding combines the principles of Corporate Branding and Personal Branding. This is why I have further developed the basic Branding THEORY OF THE EGG by adding the "RELEVANCE BENCHMARK".

The Relevance Benchmark draws the line between leadership behaviour and goals that make the company, a team, a project advance AND which are at the same time executable by the specific person and such behaviours and goals which are solely driven by personal or coporate purpose.

The Content:

- How To IDENTIFY Personal and Corporate Identities and where they overlap,
- How to SPECIFY the Relevant Impact that should be realised in a given time frame,
- How to CREATE guidelines of Personal Behaviour and Communication and
- How to FOLLOW UP so that the leader becomes a role model for peers, employees and team members and thus leads them effectively towards the defined goal.

Formats: Keynote, Small Group Training & Individual Coaching

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