The Beauty of Trump

You know the best way to change a system? Change one element in the system… consistently.

Let’s take a very simple example: if a woman wants to make her husband do his 50% share in household chores and parenting she must stop doing 75%. This sounds simple but isn’t as the involved process is difficult to maintain:

  1. She needs to be clear about her values – which are, in this example, comprised in the value of true partnership
  2. She needs to understand what she must do differently to make him live up to his original vow of partnership
  3. She must stand through the difficult times when the house gets messy because he is not doing his part and when the kids keep asking her for anything (because it has always been like that and has always been available) she must tell them to ask their father
  4. And finally, she needs to see the slightest positive change in behavior of her loved ones, appreciate them openly for each little progress in the right direction AND stick to her new way of doing things so that change can really take place

Most of the change processes in whatever area of life and whatever system fail due to not complying with points 2, 3 and 4. Most companies start a change process by changing people but forget to change the behavior of the people who remain (including the leadership).

Most companies start a change process by changing people but forget to change the behavior of the people who remain (including the leadership). Klick um zu Tweeten

We see that even in simple situations as shown in our example, the process is not that simple. The same principle and process applies to any system in this world:

Change of a system is only possible if at least one element in that system changes consistently. Klick um zu Tweeten

As soon as one element changes consistently the rest of the system must change, in order to re-establish the equilibrium. For the math people amongst us we could also say a system makes always up to 100%. How those 100% are distributed to the various elements can change, but the sum will always stay 100%. However, the quality of the system changes with changing size and interconnection of elements.

This leads us to what I call the “Beauty of Trump”: only in the last few days we have seen an important element in our political system – the USA – changing its behavior considerably through its leader. Donald Trump has opted out of the Climate Treaty what led the rest of the system to re-consider their positions.

The effect of Trump on the world political system is the same as the effect of our examplary woman on hers:

  • In order to re-establish an equilibrium, the rest of the countries need to consider new ways of behavior.
  • As a result, Europe and China draw closer to each other.
  • Thanks to Trump all are called to re-examine their value systems and make their positions clearer than ever before.

When before political leaders could carry on with “political talk” using many words saying nothing, now that is not possible anymore. Suddenly they are asked to show their true colors, state their values and act upon them.

So what we will see are completely new alliances and strengthened partnerships.

What we will see is a boost in innovation – not only in our economies but also in our social systems. Because not only politicians are asked to show their true colors and take their positions clearly but also the people themselves.


When an element in a system changes that dramatically, it is a wake-up call for everybody. Klick um zu Tweeten

Also: what we must know is that such tremendous changes of one element are only possible in specific times when a system has already reached its climax. When we look back to any major events in history – good and bad – they have always had “their system-changing element”: either a political leader, or an entrepreneur, or a scientist finding out ground-breaking things that changed the future.

The “Beauty of Trump” lies in forcing established systems to re-think and re-invent themselves. Klick um zu Tweeten

If politicians AND we as the people live up to that challenge – and I think they and we are ready for it – it means progress. And progress is the only driver of humanity.


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