What image do you want to reflect as a woman in leadership or one who prepares for such a role? The stream of time is currently bringing some change to female closets: they are becoming more effortless and relaxed. While this is good news for our perfectionist psyche, it is less good for our endeavours of displaying Leadership.

Empowering Feminity

Strictly Me has been created with a specific purpose in mind: to reinterprete the codes of Feminine Power-Fashion: multi-facetted but clear in its‘ silhouette, directing the gaze of the observer always into the face, focussing on shoulders and introducing some playful elegance through pleats. A combination of contrasting colours and materials support the harmonisation of the body-shape which is optically straightend and stretched.

In Search of Mastery

The slogan of the Autumn/Winter Campaign 2015/16 is „In Search of Mastery“, inspired by the work of outstanding musicians: Hennes Silence Orchestra and the young Pianist Medea Schick.

Thanking the Team:

Have a closer look of the collection and the shop at www.strictly-me.com

Listen here to Hennes Silence Orchestra – Hennes Eppic, Christian Lechner, Franz Heinrich Lirsch, Matthias Pauer, Helga Moursy – playing their acoustic songs for burning souls“. Immerse yourself into the acoustic vibes of a cello, guitar, contrabass, bass and drums. All my thanks to this wonderful band who has inspired me in the first place to that Special photo-shooting and the Slogan.

„Black“, from their Album „Uncoloured Pictures Red“:




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