Charismatische Kommunikation


To Present is to Lead

I´ve been inspired from you and from your module.

The presentation part included in my daily job until now has been very abstract - I always thought it was boring and useless, a waste of paid time of the company made for people that want to show off and don´t like to put their hands in the dirt.

Now I am aware of how much transformational power lies in every presentation and that standing there in body and soul is crucial for the audience to take in the message.

This training was a S.T.A.R.!

The most important take away which I will always remember is the concept of seeing a presentation as a journey. This open a completely different point of view how to see a presentation. It moves it from a static (boring) information to a fascinating trip which will, if done the right way, reach the audience. Now, with this, the audience is in focus with their interest and not longer the expression of my knowledge.

Thank you for pushing us!

Hi Martina,
I just came back from the SAP InnoJam (CeBit in Hannover), and I just wanted to drop you a short thank you note. Your presentation workshop/lecture a few months ago really helped me out during our team's presentation, so thank you so much for coaching and pushing us to be better!

Ein Analysebeispiel, das nur einen ganz kleinen Vorgeschmack darauf geben soll, was in diesem Training gelernt wird.

Das Ziel:

Menschen dort abholen, wo sie mit ihren Zielvorstellungen, Bedürfnissen und Ängsten gerade sind.

Die Inhalte:

* Vorbereitung einer Rede:
- Analyse des Publikums und Abstimmung mit den eigenen Inhalten
- Definition der Botschaft
- Definition der Struktur
- Definition der "Muskeln" und der "Sehnen", die die Rede geschmeidig machen
- Definition der emotionalen Elemente
- Definition der mentalen, physischen und rhythmischen Elemente der Synchronisation
- Vorbereitung der Visualisation

* Performance:
- Non-Verbaler Ausdruck
- Para-Verbaler Ausdruck
- Verbaler Ausdruck
- Einsatz von Umwelteffekten: Farbe, Klang, Duft