The Power of Non-Verbal Communication

What Clients Say

Incredible Potential

The fact that you were able to analyse your participants correctly only after 30 minutes from the start and by evaluating just a few indicators, has left a deep impression on me. It made me aware of the potential of non-verbal communication and I will consciously apply my new competences from now on.

A Pathway to the Audience

Martina, I was impressed by your body language, personality and your dedication. The way you interact with the audience was awesome. I personally feel much more confident working with youth now than I did before your presentation.

An Important Finding

I am not kidding: the way you managed your arms and shoulders was so inspiring for me- please don´t take this as infantile consideration- at least for me it was an important finding.

The Power of Silent Messages

The Topic:

Our body is a mirror of our inner attitude, both to ourselves and to other people. Authentic communication is built on the consistency between verbal and non-verbal communication.

But the body is not only a tool to communicate with others but also with ourselves. Every gesture, every posture, the way we dress, the way we use our muscles send a powerful message to our brain.

How to use non-verbal communication powerfully both ways is the guideline of this small group training or keynote.

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Workshop/Keynote Content

• Self-perception vs. perception by others
• “I am the message”: the three levels of non-verbal communication
- Mental level
- Physical level
- Energy level
• Non-verbal elements of communication and their impact according to the cultural environment
• Men’s’ Talk versus Women’s Talk (the non-verbal part of it)
• Managing expectations: what do people expect from you according to your specific position?
• Decoding the non-verbal messages of your interlocutor
• Leading the conversation by using body-language
• Style: how to create a style which is authentic and appropriate for your goals and your Situation
• Self-Transformation: How to transform yourself through non-verbal communication

Formats: Keynote, Small Group Training & Individual Coaching

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