1. Charisma (altgrch): charis = Grace, in combination with “ma” = Gift of Grace
  2. Charis (grch.): Grace

Both translations symbolize what we find to be “charismatic”: a person performs gracefully and is fully absorbed in her/his dedication to the task. There are the shiny types of Charisma – the epic heroes are splendid examples, we have met them throughout history and sometimes we also meet them in business.. But there is also the less flashy type of Charisma, the one we see when we observe an artist doing his art, or any “normal” person performing her job in a graceful way.


The Charisma Concept…

… is based on the assumption that each and everyone has been presented with a special “Gift of Grace” and when it is applied/used/lived, the bearer feels “one with the world” and deeply connected with his/her fundamental purpose in life. The “Gift of Grace” is always a “gift” AND a “duty” to Society. The one part cannot exist without the other, which means that there is no Charisma if ones “Gift of Grace” is not used for the sake of the community.


Today, Charisma is More Important Than Ever

More and more of us set sail for a quest of their personal purpose in life. And very often we find that what we are doing does not provide any purpose higher than feeding our bodies – and it is not enough.


Uniqueness as a Dictate

Capitalist societies nowadays live according to two principles:

  1. you are unique – this is why you must create something unique
  2. you are free to live your uniqueness but you must be more unique than the rest of all the other unique people, otherwise you are only one exchangeable part in the system

30 years ago hardly anyone dared to lable themselves as “unique”, meanwhile uniqueness has become the constant driver in running for the best positions and the biggest success according to capitalist values but has stopped being the idea of that special individual conception of a human being. Uniqueness is now wearing a price tag and if it doesn’t wear a price tag it is not worth anything in this system.

Also “Charisma” is mainly judged by its “usefullness” but not by its original meaning “Gift of Grace”. And yet, this crisis-ridden world would need exactly more of that “grace” to heal. Without being really conscious about it we are looking and longing for people who are “one” with themselves, with their world and with what they are doing. Who just do because it feels right and good to them without further evaluation according to our money-driven rankings.


What is Your Gift of Grace?

Lets give Charisma its original meaning back ! My question is the following:

What did you do when you felt “one” with the world the last time?

If you are willing to share that moment with others and to be part of a Video-Project then please describe that moment in a simple email. I will get back to you immediately.

My goal is on one side to see whether there are principles which lead to such a feeling of “oneness” as well as how that individual “Gift of Grace” has been discovered. And on the other side I want to use this Project to encourage as many people as possible to look for their individual “Charisma” and to live it. Because we need it.


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