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New Video-Series: The Personality Icon

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On March 21st the new series “The Personality Icon” went finally online with the first episode. For a.

New Service: Personality Videos

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Others call this type of video or short film “Image Videos”. But I am not interested to stage.

MGT Interview series: Tony O’Brien on Leadership

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I feel privileged to work with people around the world who are not only striving for success but.

Der Film: “VORBILDER: Geschichten des Gelingens”

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  Woran erkennt man, dass Sie eine Frau sind? Vor 10 Jahren wurde ich von einer Frau, die.

Die Charismatische Rede am Beispiel von Pamela Rendi-Wagner

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Die charismatische Rede stellt auf vier Ebenen Verbindung mit dir her. Sie baut Vertrauen auf, verdeutlicht die Relevanz.

Political X-Events: An Interview With Systems Theorist John L. Casti

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“Is Donald Trump an X-Event?” “Can political parties and candidates prepare for X-Events? “Can companies and citizens prepare.

Vortrag: “Nichts wie REIN in die Komfortzone!”

06/12/2017 charisma, YouTube_EN
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Hier sehen Sie meinen Vortrag im Rahmen des Familienfestes der Puls4 – Gruppe beim 4Gamechanger Festival 2017 zum.

Hillary vs. Donald: A Behavioral Analysis

10/03/2016 charisma, YouTube_EN
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The first Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is an excellent example for how even well.

Tools for Leadership & Development: Feedback

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The highest craft of leadership is acting as a Coach to your Team Members. One of the most.

MGT Success TV: How to get Your Motivation Back

01/31/2016 YouTube_EN
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You question yourself and what you are doing? You have lost your Motivation? In this Episode five successful.