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No, You Can NOT Learn Charisma

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  No, You Can NOT Learn Charisma Maybe you belong to the people whose sighs become a bit.


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As a Trainier and Coach I keep meeting people who are looking for something more than the regular.

Sunday Coaching Session: The Main Precondition to Charisma…

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… is FEARLESSNESS. Most of my clients are very successful, seemingly self-assured people with enormous drive. At the.

Tools for Leadership & Development: Feedback

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The highest craft of leadership is acting as a Coach to your Team Members. One of the most.

Charisma: The Gift of Grace

11/24/2015 Inspiration, Leadership
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Charisma (altgrch): charis = Grace, in combination with “ma” = Gift of Grace Charis (grch.): Grace Both translations.

Will a Charismatic Leader Change the World?

10/21/2015 charisma, Leadership
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It seems like a prophecy what I have written in November 2011 when Marion Monti was entrusted with.

Leadership: From Position to Performance

09/25/2015 Leadership
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Leadership: From Position to Performance – How to succeed in your leadership role I am delighted to share.

VW: The Extraordinary Chance of Rebirth without Dying First

09/24/2015 Leadership
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The VW – case is finally shedding light on a big lie and that is: we can balance.

Leadership Branding & The Relevance Benchmark

09/23/2015 Leadership
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LEADERSHIP BRANDING & THE RELEVANCE BENCHMARK The idea in brief: Millions are spent on Leadership Training and Coaching.