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There Is No Such Thing Like An “Average Person”

01/31/2017 Coaching, Inspiration
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There Is No Such Thing Like An „Average Person“ Have you ever questioned the paradigm of most motivational,.

When Visions Become Reality

10/24/2016 Inspiration
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  20 or more years ago I had a short but lasting glimpse of my ideal future: I was.


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As a Trainier and Coach I keep meeting people who are looking for something more than the regular.

The Story of “Wonder Woman”

07/25/2016 Inspiration
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This one I have found in Stockholm some weeks ago and I need to share it with you..

The Power of Silence

06/30/2016 Coaching, Inspiration
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If you have the whole skill set necessary for a specific leadership position and you are still not.

Sunday Coaching Session: The Main Precondition to Charisma…

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… is FEARLESSNESS. Most of my clients are very successful, seemingly self-assured people with enormous drive. At the.

The Need for Recognition Is the Biggest Threat

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…to ourselves and the biggest lever in people development. We could also say: “the biggest lever in people.

Charisma: The Gift of Grace

11/24/2015 Inspiration, Leadership
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Charisma (altgrch): charis = Grace, in combination with “ma” = Gift of Grace Charis (grch.): Grace Both translations.

Strictly Me Power Fashion, Autumn/Winter 15/16 Campaign

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What image do you want to reflect as a woman in leadership or one who prepares for such.