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Premiere: Anna Fliegt! und Das Fest der Träume

07/27/2021 Filming, Inspiration
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Mit dem Fest der Träume habe ich mir zwei Träume auf einen Schlag erfüllt: meinen Kurzfilm “Anna Fliegt!”.

7 + 1 Tips for successful hybrid-formats in personal development training

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Since 2020, the landscape of formats in training and further education has expanded by leaps and bounds. We.

Personality Video: John Casti – From Science to Fiction

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Two years ago I discovered filming as my new hobby and a possible expansion of my profession as.

Book-Launch: “Dreams Into Action: Das Zukunfts-Lesebuch”

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A day worth remembering : June 25, 2020. Launch of a new baby, one with 18 parents. Exactly.

MGT Interview series: Tony O’Brien on Leadership

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I feel privileged to work with people around the world who are not only striving for success but.

Charisma-Wochen-Kalender 2019

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Der Charisma-Wochen-Kalender im A5- Standformat 52 Fotoseiten mit wöchentich neuen Gedanken und Übungen. Jetzt im Shop der Charisma.

Who are you? – A Parable

11/01/2017 Inspiration
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Once, the founder of an international company had a remarkable marketing idea and he put it in place.

99-1 ≠ 100

09/17/2017 Coaching, Inspiration
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  Do you belong to the people who honor RESPECT, FAIRNESS and APPRECIATION as their key-values? Values that guide your.

Visibility: How to Turn It On and Off

06/06/2017 Coaching, Inspiration
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Most of my coachees and seminar participants are interested in becoming more visible. They love the idea of.

The Beauty of Trump

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The Beauty of Trump You know the best way to change a system? Change one element in the.