The Charisma Concept: How it all started

Where the Charisma-Concept comes from

My approach to Charisma

Who is Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey?

Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey works as a international Trainer and Coach since 1996, for Companies, Institutions and Individuals, in collaboration with Intl. Management Schools and Training Providers.

My Professional Journey

After having completed my studies of Ecology, Psychology and Communication Science - with a major focus on the works of Niklas Luhmann, Jürgen Habermas and Humberto Maturana, after having travelled the globe as international Model and Model Trainer, after having worked in several national and international Sustainability Programs and having had the possibility to travel the world once more as a spokesperson for the Austrian NGOs in Sustainability, after having observed how people change through the simple change of their body posture and clothes, after having noticed that people need to be driven by a purpose otherwise they wouldn't adopt new behaviours even if they have learned them, after having studied human behaviour in the most various situations and places, all the learnings and experiences of those years fell in one and I have made a change:


  • 2017: Charisma: Das 9-Wochen-Programm (June 2019: Audiobook)
  • Oct. 2019: „Charismatic Leadership: 5 Fingers to Success "
  • A wide range of articles since 1996 (see Articles)

Two Training Methods have been registered:

1. The “5-Finger-Model of Charismatic Leadership”
2. The “Stickman-Method for Successful Speaking & Presentations”

MGT Short Profile for Download

It was 1996 when I developed the CHARISMA CONCEPT and became a trainer.

The Charisma Concept puts the person and his/her onnection to his/her environment in the center of the attention. The leading question is: "What specific talent does THIS person possess that he/she can put at the service of his/her community/company/team and that thus enables her/him to work and live from her/his strengths and receive the recognition and appreciation which make her/him further grow?"

The Charisma Concept is thus not just another Leadership Concept but a concept to develop and use Personality to bring a Relevant Purpose into Power

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