Popular Charisma Training usually focusses on one single component of Charisma: charismatic communication. Appearance and Public Speaking are the main topics of attention. While communication is an essential part of charisma, it still misses the point.

Almost 100 years of charisma research show that charisma is a conglomerate of inner attitude and outer behavior. In training, we are therefore faced with the task of mapping the complexity of charisma and, at the same time, breaking it down into concrete, trainable instructions for behavior – in small pieces of change that can be exercised daily.

The 5-finger model of charismatic leadership does just that: on the one hand it is simple, concise and coherent, and on the other hand it takes the complexity of the “conglomerate” charisma into account.

Download the full paper here: The 5- Finger Model of Charismatic Leadership_MGT

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